Why Contribute?

When I set out to live in a Tiny Home on wheels, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It has been an adjustment to live in less than 189sq ft, but it feels wonderful to have a place I can call Home. A place that I own, that is all mine. I could have never imagined how popular the Blue Bus and my Adventure would become. My story has literally traveled across the world, with articles written about it in all languages.

There came a demand for more pictures, video, requests for information about me and the bus, as well as everyone wondering WHY and HOW?! I felt the best way to share all the information with everyone was through a blog and website.

I am absolutely humbled and overwhelmed at the positive response from people all over the world.

Living on the Bus was about living with less. I set out to spend less, use less, and be able to live comfortably from a small income. Creating new and unique content, producing high quality videos, buying website space, as well as traveling and driving to meet future tiny home enthusiasts are all new surprising expenses. Working local jobs, selling my handmade candles and crafts has not been able to match the costs of maintaining a website. I am in the process of designing and selling T-Shirts, Totes, Water Bottles, Magnets and other merchandise, to be able to share with everyone. However, that also costs money to start-up.

Enjoying the website so far? Your donations make it possible for me to continue sharing stories, pictures, and videos with everyone. The donation proceeds will ONLY go towards paying website, domain, web-space, and e-commerce fees.

I would love to continue the journey of living tiny. I want to continue to be able to spread information about how to get yourself into a Tiny Home. I love meeting people from all walks of life who absolutely love the bus, and the idea of downsizing. I've had so many people tell me how they have been inspired to make changes in their life, and have hope for a more positive future. Your donation is a big help in spreading more positivity.

Shop the SkoolieLove store at

Shop the SkoolieLove store at

Love the Bus Life? Any help and support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your time.