Books I'm Writing

I have been writing stories and tales ever since I learned to write. More recently, I sat down and started working on a memoir about my Journey with the Big Blue Bus, as well as a reality bendingTime Travel short story.

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My Salvation Lies in your Love / Meeting America: One Bus Stop at a Time

This has become an extremely deep and personal account of my journey from slowly dying of manic depression, to fully living in the moment. The people that I surround myself are the key part to my support network, and without them I became worried that I might not live to see tomorrow. Through them I was able to achieve my dreams and goals of living and traveling in a converted School Bus. I am no longer struggling with depression, having found ways of channeling it into positive and healthy outcomes, I thrive of it's energy.

Will you join me on this Bus Journey? Are you ready to love yourself?

I will be sending the fist 27 pages + Synopsis to the Pacific Northwest Writers' Association Writing Contest by March 23. 

"The Time Traveling School Bus"

At one point, the memoir became too long and burdensome to edit and re-write, so I decided to take a break and work on a fictional account of the Bus Trip.

Follow 18 year old Flynn as he converts an old bus with a neighbor over the summer.  Running on recycled vegetable oil, he soon finds himself traveling through time. Driving in and out of past generations, he meets and befriends outcasts and interesting people who join him on his journey.

What does the future have in store for Flynn and his new bus maters? It'll be a matter of life and death., Nature's Law.

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I'm getting a roommate

My soon-to-be wife recently quit her job and will be moving from her apartment in Seattle, all the way across America to Florida in order to move into the Big Blue Bus.

This is our journey of starting a completely new life together in The Big Blue Bus.

...and so I walk into the wild

By: Patrick "Intents" Schmidt

"Don't know where to start describing this wonderful thing called Thru-Hiking the AT. I dont have enough time in these 60 mins (computer alloted time) to describe how wonderful this journey has been, just in a little over a week, and how happy I am to be here. Ecstatic. Words cannot begin to describe my emotional state."

A dear friend of mine converted my online 2009 Thru-Hiking Appalachian Trail Journey into a ISBN-Numbered published book. I was incredibly amazed when she handed me my own published book, I simply could not believe it!

You can purchase a $7 soft cover Here.

Or read the Journal online Here.

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Short Stories

What does it mean to Live? A Cautionary Tale [Science Fiction]

A story about two kids who find a treasure in an abandoned house, which changes their life forever. It may just be the greatest treasure that anyone has ever found.

Taking inspiration from the current BlockChain/Bitcoin revolution, the story introduces "The Internet of Things" and raises it to a whole new level. The world has become a place where Time is the new Currency.

Days of Regression

We were young and in love, scraping enough money together to buy a travel trailer and a bit of land to park it on. If my wife and I had known how unlucky this property was, we would never have bought it; hell, never stepped foot anywhere near it! Damn that dirt cheap price!

I highly recommend reading through other books on Tiny Living. Share in people's experiences and learn something from others who are already Tiny Living.