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My goal in Life is to meet Reggie Watts

My goal in Life is to meet Reggie Watts

Reggie Watts.

First off, you are a living legend man.

Secondly, are you friends with John Travolta? That would make things much easier.

        Why isn't shit crazier?

To be honest, I came across some of your stuff a few years ago, and I had no idea what I was watching. I didn't have a clue what you were all about. Since then, I have grown to enjoy you as a human being who is living life in a really great way. You are (or it would appear so) doing exactly what you want to be doing. You get to create constantly and be passionate about what you do. Seeing you perform is an absolute delight. You are so comfortable in who you are as a person; it is tremendously encouraging to see.

Reggie, realizing that you are a very busy man, I would love for you to consider coming to visit my friends and me in Anthony, Florida. We are a group of passionate, creative, hardworking, intelligent, mindful, conscious friends who want to live this life in a great way, just like you're doing. The more of your stuff we watch and listen to, the more we realize that you would totally bring the right vibes into our circle. We would love to meet you and see how many eargasms we could give people through our work.

A bit more about us. My friend David has been studying the art of Bonsai for over 4 years. Since styling his first tree, Bonsai has lit his being on fire. He absolutely loves these tiny trees. He loves educating people on the proper way to care for these living works of art. There are opportunities to apprentice with learned artists, however, most of those would require years of dedication and separation from his wife. Being a Bonsai apprentice under a Master is a serious undertaking. They require a minimum 5 years of your life. Bonsai is the one and only thing that you do. Being apart from his wife is not something he would ever consider. So he has had to be creative in getting the education that he needs to be successful in his art. He is basically self-taught, and comes into the Bonsai culture with an entirely new set of eyes. His focus is different. His mind is constantly thinking about how something could be made, could be done better, could be done different. He is truly one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. And his wife! One of the most amazing artists. They are a power house of artistic creativity.

David was a forest ranger for 11 years in Florida, working for the state, helping to put his wife through college. Now his wife Katie is working full time to support them, while he goes to school for a dual Horticulture and Botany degree. He is doing everything he possibly can to become better in his art, and he is almost single handedly changing the art and science behind Bonsai, being referred to as American Bonsai. You should see how his face lights up when he talks about the future and how much Bonsai has a part in it. Him and his wife decided not to move to North Carolina, which was a longtime dream of theirs, because they had the chance to take over the Nursery that David has been working and studying. That is where he first learned about Bonsai, and the owner David and Linda have really supported his growth and love for Bonsai the last few years. When David heard that the nursery might close when Dave and Linda retired, his first thought was about all of the people that would be negatively impacted if the nursey was no longer there. Him and his wife decided that the best thing for them and the community was for them to settle down in Florida, and when Dave and Linda retired, they would take it over. That is their dream, and the goal that they are currently working toward. Making the choice to settle down has made all the difference.

Working for an airline, I was able to get him standby tickets to head to Portland, Oregon to attend the biggest Bonsai convention in America, and this is the text he sent me "I cried several times today. I've just been moved by the power of this exhibition. Many had tears or were fighting them. I’m so overwhelmed with emotion." This guy is the real deal, and I think it would be pure magic if you and him were to collaborate on a project we have going on.

David created a time lapse video of him styling a bonsai tree two years ago. The Bonsai community loved it. There was, and still is not, anything like it. No one is making videos like these. It’s such a small, unique niche. Since he released it, the video was featured in a Bonsai Museum Exhibit as the first thing you see when you walk in, looping throughout the whole show. It has made its way across the pond, and got David featured in a 5-page spread in an internationally published magazine. He has already made quite a name for himself. He will never tell you that he is a master, but at the rate he is going and with the tenacity and passion he has for this art, as well as the bond he creates with the trees, he is surely to become one. What does he do in his spare time? He goes to a local retirement living village, and teaches the elderly folk about different kinds of trees, takes a look at their trees and gives them pointers. He gets asked all the time, when is the next video coming out?! It’s time to give the people what they want.

Reggie, you are the coolest mother fucker out there. You are so incredibly talented, and passionate about what you create, it’s truly inspiring to see you work. I am definitely a very social introvert. I have been driving across America in a renovated School Bus, that I did all the work on with my dad. I am currently parked in Anthony, Florida. We would love for you to come and hang out with us. We just absolutely love what you do. At the end of your Pop! Tech video, you mentioned that you appreciated everyone for making you feel welcomed and included. I feel that you would feel the same way here. We just want to create and share and disrupt the status-quo. Make people think. Make them look twice. Different is good. Weird is good.

So this is where Kevin comes in. David and Kevin have been friends for a while, and they keep brainstorming ideas on how to combine David’s passion for tiny trees, and Kevin's passion for art through graffiti. So we have come up with a video where in the foreground you see David styling a really gnarly looking tree. While in the background, Kevin is creating artwork on the wall canvas behind David. You, Reggie, would tie it all together and be the icing on the cake with beats and lyrics, and your style. It would be a total package of creativity and passion. Three genuine guys who are living life right. And for those few moments, a unique, never been done, completely original piece of art will be brought into existence. People won’t know what to make of it. Social disruption. We plan on taping this the beginning of April.

I once asked David what his dream is. What is it all this for? Most people would only go through with all the education, and the learning, and the time and effort only if it paid a lot of money. And between you and me, some of his trees are already worth quite a bit of money. David is not in it for money. He does it because he loves it. He has a need to do it. It gives him the most pleasure to really look at a tree, and see its potential. He sees its beauty. He takes what is most beautiful, or unique about a tree, whether it be the trunk, or a branch, or a bend or a curve and accentuates it to its most natural artistic value. Put that together with a bigger than life size wall canvas in a warehouse with an amazing graffiti artist. AND REGGIE WATTS ON TOP OF ALL THAT! That is pure genius.

A bit more about me. I'm Patrick. I never fully belong to any one thing, but I enjoy all walks of life. I am a generalist of a lot of things. I was born in Hamburg, Germany and moved to Florida when I was 10. It was an interesting change. Since I started traveling and living out of a bus, I have felt more creative and fearless than I have in my entire life. I sang Karaoke for the first time. I was standing back, and saw the joy on everyone's face when they sang. I wanted that. So when my friend asked me to sing a song, I was extremely hesitant, and didn't sing loud. But I did it. That was a huge moment for me. I also drew a picture that I wanted to look great, and with the help of a trained Japanese artist, he helped me draw a tree. It made me realize that I can do it. I can put my mind to it and can create something special and unique. The picture came out awesome. That was also a great moment for me. I enjoy watching you be you. You are so comfortable with yourself, and how you perceive yourself. Also how others perceive you. It would be amazing to talk and interact in person with you. Very inspiring. My passion is meeting people who are passionate about what they do, and you are at the top of the list.

Thanks for possibly reading this Reggie. It would be very great to hear back from you. Even if it’s simply a "You crazy."

Let’s make it happen. If you are friends with John Travolta, he literally lives on an airstrip 2 blocks from here. I can hear the engines on his 747 spooling before he takes off. It would well worth the trip. I guarantee it.

Make it a great day,

Patrick Schmidt

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BIG NEWS! Come see the Bus in March!

BIG NEWS! Come see the Bus in March!