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500 Word Stories — “A Beautiful Morning”

500 Word Stories — “A Beautiful Morning”

Daily To-Do-List

  1. Consume less — no television, few movies, limit phone screen time. Less unhealthy foods. Pickup trash in the neighborhood

  2. Workout — physical and mental fitness. Spend time outdoors. Meaningful work.

  3. Embrace Life’s possibilities — Say yes! Less stress and no worries.

  4. Love and kindness


I woke up naturally without an alarm.

With my wife next to me, I knew it would be a fantastic day.

We live in our own tiny bus home in a small rural Florida town.


Before parking here we lived in Las Vegas, before that Redding, California and before that Seattle.


We are loving life, constantly in awe of the magic that is living. We’ve realized that now is the only time to fulfill our dreams and create opportunities.

Is everything “perfect”? Are we in a constant state of agreement and happiness? No.

That doesn’t exist. Life is not now, nor ever will be, perfect.

We try to fill out lives with as much joy as possible.


You have to find what makes it suck the least. What brings you joy? What are your passions?

My wife and I are constantly realigning our mindset to appreciate the things we do have in our life, and never focusing on what we don’t have.

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well you might find you get what you need.” — Rolling Stones

My wife walked into the kitchen and we made breakfast, then sat down in the dining area.

Living in this country, I was able to read and look at anything I wanted at instant speeds on my $600 pocket computer while drinking espresso coffee.


We have clean water to drink, healthy food to eat, air conditioning, a roof over our heads and a door to close behind us.

We are among the elites of the world. Many humans have access to none of those things.

My wife and I are eternally grateful for the people we’ve met, opportunities we’ve come across and choices we’ve made to get us where we are right now.

We were all given a free body with intelligence to roam this planet and explore the cosmos with.

Life was given to us, free of charge. You are free to do with it as you please.


Choices Made — Opportunities for Growth

At some point my wife and I made the choice to want to be where we are now.
We realized we made it — we want what we have now.
We desired nothing else but what we have.
We are content.


Breathing, seeing, hearing, laughing, friendship, love, time — free gifts we cherish daily.

My wife and I choose to love each other and be in kindness with each other as much as we can.

Sometimes our emotions get the best of us. We get through it, and move on lovingly.

Meaningful thoughts turned into meaningful actions.

While things are not as “good” as they could be, they’re definitely not as “bad” as we think they are.

The meaning of life for us? To live it; to experience.

Don’t judge, simply witness what’s happening within and without.

Make it a wonderful day!

500 Word Stories - "It’s such a delightful life"

500 Word Stories - "It’s such a delightful life"

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