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My new Co-Pilot.

My new Co-Pilot.

Two weeks ago when I was on the phone with my fiance, she was telling me how terrible her day had been, how stressed and tired she always felt, and even after working 40+ hours every week she only had $25 left over at the end of the month.

The last year has been incredibly challenging for us. In January I was parked and living on my parent's property in Vegas, Nevada and looking to move up to Seattle, where my girlfriend was living. We had been talking as long-distance friends and living separate lives in different cities, with the hope of being together soon, living together as a couple. March was our initial deadline of me moving up to be with her.

When I was not able to find a permanent, long-term place to park and live in the Bus in Seattle, thinking that wildly driving up there with leaking windows, no wood-stove fireplace, and so many uncertainties for full-time parking up there, we felt low on options. All I wanted was to be with her, and it seemed impossible. She has a job and apartment, so it made sense for her to stay put until we figured it out. Either way, I had a desperate urge to leave my parking spot in Vegas, so I became majorly depressed about the situation.

My forever friends in Florida, had once again, offered to let me park in their driveway for free, with the opportunity to work as a day laborer. It was a tough decision, not heading north to Seattle but way east to Florida. At the time, it made the most sense. I would be with friends who understand the situation, be able to work and make money, and could park for free while saving money and figuring out how to be in one place with my future wife.

Taking off and driving across the country from Nevada to Florida,  I once again realized exactly how much I love the Bus, and how important it is for me to have a Home. Once I found and built a comfortable place to be myself, I could really tune into what I like and what I don't. I make sure to fill my life with more of what I enjoy. I have been able to create and shape the person that I would like to be, in this Tiny Bus Home.

For the last seven months I have been parked in Florida, and I have only gotten to see my fiance twice during that time. We both have become increasingly agitated and unhappy because we barely get to be with each other. To be on opposite sides of the country, with no certain way of being together in either place, we needed to do something drastic.

I had considered selling the bus, to have cash on-hand so that my fiance and I could live together in an apartment in Seattle. The expression "everything is for sale" was on my mind, anything to be with her.

On the other hand, thoughts of selling the bus made me cry. I built this bus with my own two hands, with the help of my dad and mom. It has changed my life for the better in every single way. Yet currently it was holding me from being with my life partner. I had to make a decision; if I was not able to find parking in Seattle, if I was not able to be with her until August at the latest, I would try to sell the bus.

Quit your job and come travel with me!

We were trying incredibly hard to be together, putting Ad's all over the web and talking with people to find a place in Seattle. (Blog Post on moving to and living in the Bus in the PNW.)

So two weeks ago when she called me, upset about her current roommates in the shared home, her management team not looking out for her at work, among other things, she was incredibly frustrated and depressed.

"Alright, I've had it. Quit your job, move out, fly to Florida, and come travel with me!!" I told her with incredible excitement.

"What?! What do you mean?" She asked, not quite understanding.

"Yeah!! Turn in your 2 weeks, let the lease end, and come live with me in the Bus, and we'll go travel, sort of like a pre-honeymoon!"

"Uhm, let me think about that...that's really rushing into the situation. I don't want to upset you if this is your plan, but that's a lot to change and things to do in such a short time."

"Well, think about it. I think it makes the most sense. We get to be together!" I told her in response, knowing she was hesitant about the idea.

We talked a bit longer, about the details, the future, and how it could possibly all work out. What sparked my idea was that there is a Tiny House Living Festival in Portland, September 15-17 and I have been invited to attend. That means I have to drive from Florida to Portland, Oregon and I figured that it would be fantastic if she was able to come along and we would be together the entire time and could then figure out how we can live in Seattle. The more I talked with her, the more it sank in that this was a most righteous plan.

Skoolie Love Festival.png

She called me the next day and told me "Let's go for it! Let's do it!"

So there it is. She put in her 2 weeks, figured out where to keep her stuff until we ride up there to grab it, and she is coming with me across America.

She is moving onto the Bus September 1st! Adventure, here we come!

YAY! We couldn't be any more happy!! We will finally be together and I won't have to sell the bus.

Make it a great day everyone! Go after what you want in life.


Stay tuned for an update Blog on our road trip and Bus Life together.

(Which you can now read here.)







The Big Blue Bus is getting a little Smaller!

The Big Blue Bus is getting a little Smaller!