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World Bonsai Day - Customer and Tree Appreciation

World Bonsai Day - Customer and Tree Appreciation

Whether as houses for children or creative and spiritual inspiration for adults, trees have provided the space for human retreat throughout the ages. Trees bring diverse groups of people together.

All cultures, ages, and genders have an important role to play at a tree planting or tree care event, which provide an opportunity for community involvement and empowerment that improves the quality of life in our neighborhoods.


Why does the Weather never do what we want it to do? Why does it always rain when it really shouldn't?

David and Linda, owners of D&L Nursery in the Ocala National Forest in Florida, have been getting their Nursery ready the last few months in preparation for World Bonsai Day, Saturday May 13th. With the help of several volunteers, the entire place was rejuvenated and came alive after its winter hibernation.


Spring arrived and everything sprung to life. The trees woke up and started growing new leaves, preparing their natural solar panels for the sun's energy. The flowers started to bud and bloom, butterflies became busy chasing the easy life, and bees were buzzing around, collecting and moving pollen around. Everything was on schedule and looking beautiful. Early summer came, bringing with it hotter temperatures, higher humidity and a severe lack of rain.

The entire local Bonsai community has been praying, wishing, hoping for rain the past few weeks. It only rained about a day and a half in the last month, and with the drought continuing, all of us became more worried about our trees and their well being. Every conversation at the Bonsai workshops revolved around rain and watering issues, and our dire need of more precipitation. Trees, plants, and the grass were looking more brown and sadder with the lack of rain. Preparations for World Bonsai Day continued.

The day arrived, Saturday May 13. World Bonsai Day was finally here. Everything was setup, the whole place looked immaculate, and cars were rolling in.

Then it happened; it started raining.

And it kept raining. And kept raining.


David said "Dang dude! All the hard work we put into this place, and then it pours all day after weeks of nothing, and no more rain scheduled for a while. We have our Customer Appreciation Day and that's the ONLY DAY it rains. What's the meaning behind that, huh?!"

That got me thinking, so I started googling "Why does it always rain..." and these came up:

  • during Birthdays
  • while on Vacation
  • on me

Maybe there was something to this. I kept researching. "Weather patterns are, at the very basic level, caused by warm and cold air fronts. Cold fronts move faster than warm ones, as the cold air is denser, and they can cause more rapid shifts in weather conditions.  The other factor is how much water is in the air – the humidity."

Knowing that weather is affected by how much water vapor/humidity is in the air, lets take this a step further to see possibly find out why it rained on Customer and Tree Appreciation Day, the ONLY DAY IT RAINED in the past month.

During our daily life, our bodies generate heat and moisture in varying amounts. The energy our bodies produce is actually powerful enough to be used as an energy source. In the Mall of America in Minnesota, they do not use a central heating system. The amount of body heat generated by the the 40 million plus visitors, along with the miles of skylights and heat generated from fixtures and lighting maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the Mall. (

With our bodies being such powerhouses of heat and humidity, what happens if that power is left unharnessed? Mother Nature happens, as she is always listening to us. 

Magical and religious practices to control the weather are attested in a variety of cultures. In ancient India it is said that yajna or vedic rituals of chanting manthras and offering were performed by rishis to bring sudden bursts of rain fall in rain starved regions. Some American Indians, like some Europeans, had rituals which they believed could induce rain.

Collectively, we were begging Mother Nature for rain. I heard plenty of "Man, we need more rain, the grass is looking crunchy." "We need some rain bad." Reading the articles and seeing the reports of Wild Fires all throughout Florida made us all the more worried and wanting rain more than ever. So it came to be. Mother Nature listened to our chants and our needs and blessed us with rain on the day we were all together and could experience her glory and her power, realizing that we are mere humans in a world that is precisely tuned to the needs of its inhabitants. Mother Nature said there shall be rain today.

What started as an idea to thank and show appreciation for the people inside and outside of this community, the event fully accomplished what it set out to do. Customers were able to display their trees, vendors were able to display their art, raffle events generated money to be donated to a special cause. People walked away with new tree and human friends, more knowledge of working with bonsai wire, finding the right pot for a tree, as well as gathering more information than one could possibly remember in a day. There was a sense of relaxation, people let go of their stress, and stopped worrying for a few moments out of their otherwise worry filled life (besides worrying about everything getting soaked). Regardless, everyone felt appreciated and loved.

At one point I walked up to Dave because I could tell he was stressed. He was stressed out for a bit in the morning, then he simply put up his arms and said "Oh well, nothing we can do about it. We really did need the rain." We sure did, and all of us are better off for it.

So it rained all day; so things didn't go according to "the plan." We got a little wet. Big deal. Everyone that came out had an amazing time. People were coming and going most of the day, but the majority of people stayed from before the actual event started, to helping out with the cleaning after it was over.

So it came to to be, that in this little part of the Ocala National Forest, with our combined body energy, we helped to make it rain. Mystery solved.

David, and Linda - Thank you so much for opening your home, the nursery and your hearts to all of us. What the both of you, with a bit of help from all of your friends, have been able to accomplish in the time since you've been on this land is simply breathtaking. We cannot thank you enough for providing us with a refuge away from the craziness of the modern, outside, computerized world. We all love you dearly, so a little rain was not going to keep us away.

From all of us, THANK YOU D&L! Happy Growing.

(I'll see you tomorrow, since rain makes all the weeds grow, I know I'll be plenty busy pulling them)

[T]he sun, it does not cause us to grow It is the rain that will strengthen your soul And it will make you whole
[W]e should express our gratitude for the small and simple things like the scent of the rain, the taste of your favorite food, or the sound of a loved one’s voice.
— Joseph B. Wirthlin


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