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First Day at the New Jersey Home Show

First Day at the New Jersey Home Show

What an amazing day! I got to meet and interact with so many wonderful and amazing people. People from Kosovo, Poland, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, all over the US and the very generous and cool people of New Jersey and New York. 

It was so much fun being in my home with all these wonderful people, answering questions about where I park every night, how much gas costs me, how long it took and how much I spent, among many other questions. Many people asked me where my microwave or TV is, and were bewildered when I said I dont have either.

I was thinking all day that this is truly the greatest example of "Home is where you park it." Here I am, in a convention center in New Jersey, sitting in my home with new friends who absolutely love the idea of tiny living, or are simply interested in seeing just what is in that interior of the blue bus. It is such a funny thing to tell everyone as they are leaving "Thanks for hanging out in my home with me."

I was also on the radio for the first time ever! Jackie, the director of marketing for the Tommy G Show, came over to the bus and invited me to be interviewed on the radio. I was so nervous! We talked about why I live in a bus, if I have had any issues with police, how much it cost and what I spend monthly. I was asked a lot "Why are you at this show, what is your end goal?"

And...its a hard question. I bought the bus last year on March 18. I left Vegas on my 10,000 mile trip on August 15. I was simply trying to live on a bus and travel.  Here I am, a year after I bought the bus, and a bit over 6 months into actually living in the bus. Its been an absolute whirl wind and I had absolutely no idea that the bus, my home, would be displayed at a Home Show Expo. This is all very incredible, and most definitely overwhelming in many ways. But wow, what an amazing experience today.

Tomorrow the show runs from 10 am to 7pm in Edison, New Jersey. I cannot wait to see all the smiles and shocked expressions of peoples faces when they see the interior of the bus. Thank you to everyone for all the love and support. I am very humbled and appreciate all the positivity. I never could have imagined that my idea of living in a bus to escape the rat race would lead my life in this direction. 

Love the life you live. 


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