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Living in Seattle - Trouble finding parking

Living in Seattle - Trouble finding parking

I've been parked on my parents property in Las Vegas for the past few months, hooked up to water and electricity, dumping my tank into their septic, going inside their house to use the bathroom and shower. As the temperature in Vegas starts climbing, I've had my sights set on living in Washington state again.

I lived in Seattle for a few years, leaving in mid 2015 to convert the Church bus into a home and live in it full time. Since leaving, I have really been missing the Pacific Northwest scenery and would love to take the bus up there to live for a while.

Trouble is, I am having an incredibly hard time finding a permanent place to park the bus.

The main issues that I am coming across:

  • It's a 1990 and RV parks generally don't allow vehicles over 10/12 years old.
  • Not all places offer Full-Hook-Ups including water, power, and dumping.
  • Mobile Home parks allow RV's, but many/most of them are 55+

I found one Mobile Home park that catered to low income persons, people that worked a lot, full time RV'ers, but the city was closing it down in the next few months. All those people have to vacate 10,20,30 miles outside of the city to find some place to live. A condo will be going up where they currently live.

My next option, which many full time RV/Van/Bus people do is post ad's on craiglist. A short description of yourself, what you are able to pay each month, so forth. This meant that I would be living in a random person backyard, hoping that they offer electric and that I had a way to dump my black water tank. I was seeing ads asking for $600 plus to park behind their house. I did not enjoy the idea of that. Not being able to provide them with a local job reference basically made this impossible.

I thought about just heading up there blindly; I don't mind moving around while I'm traveling, parking here one night and there another. However, trying to work full time, I would rather not have to worry where my rig is parked every night or every couple days, but know that it's safe and sound somewhere. I need to be able to be plugged in for power, as my minimal solar setup will not be of any use in the Seattle area, being as overcast as it is. I don't see myself running through propane bottle after propane bottle to heat myself, as I do not have a wood stove.

Then I looked for farm work as well as Work-Camp/Workers on Wheels/Camp Hosting sites to see if I could find myself a spot to park and work, but many of them are mostly looking for couples. I was at a loss of what to do to get myself situated up near Seattle.

I decided the best thing to do would be to drive to Florida and spend time with my friends over there, parking for free in their driveway. There I have the ability to work, be fully hooked up, nice weather, and be able to freely use my friends place instead of feeling uneasy at a strangers place. I have the ability to park stress free and have time to think about what I truly want to do with my life in the bus.

It all worked out fantastic!


In my search to find land/a space to park in Seattle and the greater Washington area I've come across a few sweet websites.

What troubles have you come across trying to Full-Time somewhere?

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