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Rainy City Girl - Coffee, Rain, Love

Rainy City Girl - Coffee, Rain, Love

I once wrote about a girl. She read what I had to say and replied with a simple but life changing "Hello."

This past week we spent much needed time together, after spending a long year spent apart. A year spent trying to forget each other. That did not work.

Rainy City Girl and I spent time frolicking around Northern Seattle, going as far as the "Twilight-famous" city of Forks and the HOH Rain Forest. A car ride, a ferry ride, and more car ride. Lucky for us, I put-together a sweet Road Trip Playlist (The spotify playlist is at the bottom of the page. It's our relationship in an ensemble of musical tones.)

We had a picnic in the car, with liver sausage spread on butter on bread. Grapes. Macaroni Salad. Whole carrots. A few other things. A day spent communicating, listening, understanding.

My new slogan has become "I see you. I hear you." Listening and hearing, seeing and being in the moment.

During the week we ate home cooked meals, but I also ate many doughnuts and drank a lot of coffee.


You see, she works at a coffee shop. I drove her to work in the mornings, and picked her up after. Most times I'd sit in the cafe and take in the atmosphere. The excited kids talking about "I could eat the entire case of doughnuts with one bite, like Pac-Man." The dog owners introducing their fluffy friends to everyone that bent down to get some furry love. The aroma of the coffee being ground and ran through the Espresso machine. Sugary confections as far as the eyes can see.

I would over-hear RCG and her fellow baristas sharing stories with their favorite regular customers.

I read three books while at the Cafe over the course of the week, "If You Give A Pig A Pancake," a cute children's book, tales of Robin Hood, and "The Rainbabies." I also took a peek into some Emerson and caught up on my Civil Disobedience by Thoreau, all books available at the Cafe library.

I sat there, enjoying the latte art and the beautifully crafted coffee from the talented barista RCG, when I overheard a gentleman talking with a lady about writing short stories, the process of re-writing and editing, planning to perhaps write a book. Her inviting and pleasant smile, charm, and charismatic way in which she went about explaining the writing process, how it takes a deep passion to continue day after day, session after session of writing, made me realize I had to talk with her about my own book that I am currently working on.

After she was done with her session with the gentleman, I walked over and introduced myself and sat with her for almost half an hour. In the back area of the cafe, sitting in wooden chairs, at a wooden table, I met Karin who is a writer and teacher and we talked about driving the story, character development, structures and formulaic memoirs like Wild and Eat Pray Love, and how Into the Wild changed my life. It was so nice to talk to her about creativity and inspiration, and how those are so rare and important. Writing is hard work. She wished me great luck on finding an editor and publisher for my travel writings and memoir style adventure book.

RCG is wonderful, and I enjoyed spending time with her. We went grocery shopping, we ate fruits and vegetables, saw the Fremont troll, walked along the water and sat in silence enjoying each others company. Other times we sat and talked, listened to music. The whole week we did not watch but 5 minutes of a movie and no other television. I cleaned the dishes and bought her flowers. I'm working on letting my actions speak for me instead of my words, and let those actions come from love and compassion. Talking is one thing, doing is something else entirely. I am ready to show Love and be Love. We need more love in this world. I'm going to start with loving myself and see how far my smile and love can reach. One relationship, one person at a time.


Drink more coffee. Read more books. Passion more. Smile. Live. Love.


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