The Big Blue Bus Floor-Plan

I have recently started thinking about purchasing a school bus and converting in into a Tiny Home. While I was doing some I came across your Instagram and other social media accounts.
I love your bus and I was very impressed with how you laid it out (especially that you were able to get a shower in there, most of the buses I have seen do not even have a bathroom!)
I was wondering how you laid out your bus or if you had some floor plans?

I love America! Here's why:

I am forever grateful for the opportunity, experience and knowledge that I received from the American Education System. It has done wonders for me and my life. I can truly say that it’s not just WHAT I learned, but the way I was schooled HOW to learn and think.

What opportunity today would positively change your life?

Currently, I feel like I have won the lottery of Life, cause I feel like a million bucks! I’m a soon-to-be-married, debt-free homeowner; in the process of writing two books and SLOWLY making writing a viable source of income for our “Bus”hold. (Household)

That “Winning the Lottery” Email!

Since quitting my time-clocked, steady paycheck Job, I have been questioning myself regularly: “What do I have to offer? What can I do, what can I provide to be useful? What is my value and how does that lead to creating an income?”

“The Stoolie” - Bathroom in a Converted Bus

There is nothing like living in a fully self-contained School Bus (maybe vans). It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Being able to hit the open road, while retaining that comfort feeling of home, because you are Home, brings an immeasurable feeling of contented joy. A feeling of fullness, completeness. New, yet familiar. Freedom of the open road; Drive anywhere you want to go.