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"In March of 2015 Patrick Schmidt became a bus driver. Nearly 4 years ago, he decided to completely change his life. He quit his job, ran out the lease on his apartment, got rid of his car, and downsized most of his belongings. Then he decided to buy a blue church bus to live in.

After converting the Bus into a Tiny Bus Home, Patrick set out to discover America. During that initial solo road trip, traveling almost 10,000 miles through 30 states, he realized he was only living the Skoolie part of his SkoolieLove persona. He was missing out on the love of his life.

So he set out to write a letter to the one person he loved most of all. He ended up writing a book length draft about how much he loved his former girlfriend and sent it to her, in the hope that she would even just speak to him again. She accepted his apologies after reading the letter, and moved onto the bus on September 1st, 2017. Mary Richstein has become the Love part of the whole SkoolieLove experience.

Since moving in together, Patrick and Mary have gotten married and now travel around the country in their 1990 International 3800 Tiny Bus Home. When they come across a cute town, they find work, park themselves for a few months, and enjoy make new friends. After a while, they head off to the next fun spot where they do something different, hanging out with new friends. These two are loving the Bus Life!

Ride along on their Bus Life Adventure!

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