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"Patrick Schmidt has become a bus driver. Two years ago he decided to completely change his life. He quit his job, ran out the lease on his apartment, got rid of his car, and downsized most of his belongings. Then he decided to buy a blue church bus so that he could live in it.

He parked the 1990 International 3800 on his parent’s property, and with their help and support, transformed the bus from a rarely-used people mover into a fully functional Off-Grid Recreational Vehicle – known as The Big Blue Bus aka the Skoolie Love Bus. The conversion work took the family roughly 3.5 months and cost $13,000. That includes the bus, full electric, full plumbing, building materials and some tools, solar panels, extra batteries, hardwood floor, queen bed, water heater, etc.

Since living in the Skoolie, he has traveled more than 20,000 miles through 36 states. While downsizing and getting rid of everything to have less, he realized that he has gained much more. He has his own mortgage and debt free home, he has more time for the things he loves, more happiness and joy in his life, and loves everything much more. Bus Life is most definitely the life for him!"

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